Needed a rubber mallet for installing the garden edging. This worked perfectly. I was able to drive in the spikes very easily! Should be useful for other things as well.

16 oz. deadhead rubber mallet comes with wooden handle to create an all-around, premium quality tool.
Rubber head with wooden handle – Durable, affordable & practical

Mallet Hammer | Rubber Head Hammer | Double Faced Club Hammer




The wooden handle is extremely durable and shock resistant, while the non-marring rubber head offers sturdy control, accurate strikes and great results.

This rubber mallet is also bounce resistant and features a 55mm face diameter with a head length of 90mm, the perfect tool for any job.

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Reduces bounce and enhances control


Premium rubber head helps to eliminate damage to your striking surface


Use for sheet metal forming, upholstery work, tile setting, laminate flooring installs & more


Designed to fit the grip of the user’s hand ensuring comfort & control
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What is a Mallet Hammer, and how is it used in various applications?
A Mallet Hammer is a versatile tool with a rubber or soft head, ideal for tasks that require gentle force without damaging surfaces.
How does a Rubber Head Hammer differ from other hammers, and what makes it special?
A Rubber Head Hammer is designed with a rubber striking surface, reducing the risk of marring or damaging workpieces during use.
What are the primary uses of a Double Faced Club Hammer, and why is it popular among professionals?
A Double Faced Club Hammer is favored by professionals for tasks like demolition, chiseling, and driving stakes due to its balanced design and versatility.
Can a Mallet Hammer be used for woodworking projects?
Yes, a Mallet Hammer is commonly used in woodworking to tap chisels and adjust joinery without harming delicate wood surfaces.
Is a Rubber Head Hammer suitable for DIY home improvement projects?
Absolutely, a Rubber Head Hammer is an excellent choice for DIY enthusiasts as it helps prevent damage to materials and is easy to control.
Can a Double Faced Club Hammer be used for driving nails and stakes into tough materials?
Yes, a Double Faced Club Hammer’s sturdy construction makes it suitable for driving nails, stakes, and even breaking concrete.
Are there different sizes of Mallet Hammers available for various applications?
Yes, Mallet Hammers come in various sizes to suit different tasks, ensuring you have the right tool for the job.
What are some common industries or professions that often rely on Rubber Head Hammers?
Rubber Head Hammers are frequently used by professionals in woodworking, automotive repair, and metalworking industries.
Can a Double Faced Club Hammer be used with chisels for intricate carving work?
Yes, a Double Faced Club Hammer is suitable for carving when paired with chisels, providing controlled force.
Is there a specific type of material used for the heads of Mallet Hammers?
Mallet Hammer heads are typically made of rubber, plastic, or other non-marring materials to ensure surface protection.
Are there different types of Rubber Head Hammers for specific tasks?
Yes, Rubber Head Hammers come in various styles, such as dead blow hammers, with each type suited for specific applications.
Can a Double Faced Club Hammer be used for automotive repair, such as removing stubborn parts?
Yes, a Double Faced Club Hammer is valuable in automotive repair for tasks like disassembling components and breaking rusted parts.
Are there ergonomic handles available for Mallet Hammers to reduce user fatigue?
Yes, many Mallet Hammers feature ergonomic handles designed for user comfort and reduced fatigue during extended use.
Is a Rubber Head Hammer suitable for home renovation projects that involve tile work?
Yes, a Rubber Head Hammer is a good choice for tile work, as it prevents damage to tiles during installation or removal.
Can a Double Faced Club Hammer be used for striking punches and cold chisels?
Absolutely, a Double Faced Club Hammer is well-suited for tasks that involve striking punches and chisels.
Can a Mallet Hammer be used for leatherworking projects, such as stamping patterns?
Yes, a Mallet Hammer with a rubber head is ideal for leatherworking as it provides controlled force for stamping and shaping.
Are there safety tips for using a Rubber Head Hammer to prevent accidents or damage?
It’s advisable to wear appropriate safety gear, such as safety glasses, when using a Rubber Head Hammer to protect against any rebounding debris.
Is there a weight range for Double Faced Club Hammers, and how do I choose the right one?
Double Faced Club Hammers come in various weights. The choice depends on the tasks you plan to undertake; heavier hammers offer more striking force.
Can Mallet Hammers be used in arts and crafts projects that involve delicate materials?
Yes, Mallet Hammers are versatile tools suitable for arts and crafts, especially when working with delicate materials like clay.
Where can I purchase Rubber Head Hammers for my DIY projects?
You can find Rubber Head Hammers at hardware stores, home improvement centers, and online retailers specializing in tools and equipment.
The Mighty Mallet Hammer: Your Trusted Companion for Home Improvement

In the world of tools, some stand out as versatile and essential for various projects. One such tool is the Mallet Hammer, also known as the Rubber Head Hammer or Double Faced Club Hammer. Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or a professional tradesperson, this unassuming yet powerful tool is a must-have in your toolkit. In this blog post, we’ll explore what a mallet hammer is, its types, and the wide range of tasks it can help you tackle with ease.

1. What Is a Mallet Hammer?

A mallet hammer, often referred to simply as a mallet, is a specialized hand tool designed for striking objects without causing damage. It typically consists of two main components: a head and a handle. The head is usually made of rubber, plastic, wood, or rawhide, while the handle can be wooden or fiberglass. Mallet hammers come in various sizes and shapes, each tailored to specific tasks.

2. Types of Rubber Head Hammers:

**a. Rubber Mallet: This is the most common type of mallet. It features a rubber head that’s soft enough not to mar surfaces but firm enough to deliver a powerful blow. Rubber mallets are ideal for assembling furniture, tapping wood joints together, or striking delicate materials like tile.

**b. Dead Blow Mallet: This type of mallet has a hollow head filled with steel shot or sand. It delivers a solid, controlled blow without rebound, making it perfect for tasks where precision is crucial, such as automotive work or metal shaping.

**c. Wooden Mallet: Wooden mallets have a solid wood head and handle. They are traditionally used in woodworking to chisel, carve, or assemble joinery. The wooden head is gentle on chisels and other tools.

**d. Rawhide Mallet: These mallets have a head made of rawhide, which is less likely to leave marks on surfaces. Rawhide mallets are favored in metalwork for shaping and forming metal without damaging it.

3. Versatile Applications of the Double Faced Club Hammer:

**a. Woodworking: Mallet hammers are indispensable for woodworking tasks such as driving chisels, assembling joints, and knocking together wooden pieces without causing damage.

**b. Tile Installation: When laying tiles, a rubber mallet ensures tiles are level and secure without breaking or cracking them.

**c. Automotive Work: Dead blow mallets are excellent for automotive tasks, like adjusting body panels or aligning parts without causing damage.

**d. Metalworking: Rawhide mallets are gentle on metals, making them ideal for shaping and forming metal objects without leaving marks.

**e. Jewelry Making: Mallet hammers are used by jewelry makers to shape and texture metals and precious metals like gold and silver.

**f. Leathercraft: Leatherworkers use mallets to stamp designs and create impressions on leather.

4. Choosing the Right Rubber Head Hammer:

Selecting the appropriate mallet for your project is crucial. Consider the material you’ll be working with, the level of precision required, and the force needed. A rubber mallet is versatile for most general tasks, while specialized mallets like the dead blow or rawhide mallets have specific applications.

5. Maintenance and Care:

Taking care of your mallet hammer is essential to ensure its longevity:

  • Clean the Head: Remove any debris or residue from the head to prevent damage to your work surfaces.

  • Inspect the Handle: Regularly check the handle for cracks or damage. Replace it if necessary to maintain safety and functionality.

  • Store Properly: Keep your mallet in a dry place and away from extreme temperatures to prevent warping or cracking.

6. Conclusion: The Silent Workhorse

In the world of tools, the mallet hammer is often overshadowed by more high-tech gadgets. However, its simplicity, versatility, and ability to get the job done without causing damage make it an indispensable tool for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. From woodworking to automotive work, tile installation to metal shaping, the mallet hammer is the silent workhorse that helps you tackle a wide range of projects with precision and finesse. Don’t underestimate the power of this unassuming tool—it’s a true asset in your toolbox.


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